The Inside of Shelly’s Shell

This world is advancing so quickly and Shelly’s city, Charlotte, NC, is also booming.

People are much more productive now as they do not need more than 4 hours of sleep to get a solid nights rest. One can now wake up fully rested and alert after getting 3-4 hours of sleep. There is still need for coffee because we are not perfect, but our need for sleep has decreased immensely.

Shelly owns a bakery just four blocks down the street from her apartment. The bakery sells classic baked goods as well as efficiency infused baked goods that have become increasingly popular in the past five years. Shelly has capitalized on a world so obsessed with growth and productivity and was said to have the best “pro-goods” in Charlotte last year. In addition to these productivity goods, you can also get an assortment of mood enhancing baked goods as well. These can’t necessarily make a depressed person happy, but they can relax one and put one in more of an optimistic mood.

Shelly wakes up in the morning at 4:00 AM typically after going to bed around midnight. She needs to get the bakery in time to make her fresh baked goods ready for sale and open up shop. She opens up at 6:00 AM every day to accommodate for the work crowd that needs their daily fix and her busiest hour is at 7:00 AM. She closes up shop at 5:00 PM every afternoon except for Sundays when she closes at 3:00 PM.

After leaving the store, she heads to the gym a block down the road to attend the workout class that is best for her each day. With new technology monitoring everything from your heart rate to your mood, her health app is able to sync with her gym and choose what work out class is best for her each day and crafts a work out that is best fit for her.

Shelly’s best friend, Patrick, lives downtown Charlotte directly above a coffee shop about two blocks down from Shelly. He works for a building-integrated agriculture company that produces organic produce inside a 25 story building in Charlotte. This type of farming has become incredibly popular in the past few decades as a way to combat the climbing climate.

Patrick has a large shoe collection and has the best style Shelley has ever seen. They both love to shop together at consignment stores because buying used clothing has become even more popular since our planet has become increasingly harmed by the mass production of clothing that wastes a huge amount of water and carbon footprint.

Patrick and Shelly both have Labradors. Shelly’s is a chocolate brown lab named Paulie and Patrick’s is a yellow lab named Lily. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, they take their dogs on a run down their favorite trail that overlooks Lake Norman, just a 20-minute drive from downtown. The lake is a beautiful blue and their dogs love to swim in it. People are now able to better understand their animals with advanced technology. There is a chip called the Monipet that you insert into your pet’s ear that monitors all of its health as well as emotional well-being. While most domestic animals do not have the same capacity for emotion as humans, they do have feelings. Now through a mobile tracker, you know when your dog is in need of using the bathroom and even when it is in need of a good belly-rub. This device is extremely helpful because you can monitor this remotely while at work and away.

Changes to the Internet have also grown exponentially. With the innovation of modern technology that has allowed one to track their health to the extreme within a very health conscious society, marketing companies know what your body needs and advertises those exact products to you as you search the web. Additionally, the Internet has moved to billboards and roadside advertising, so as you walk by, ads change in accord to when people are nearby them. It is pretty miraculous how powerful the Internet has become, archiving all of our productivity, moods, and health. The world’s population has become increasingly healthier.

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